This February, we want to help you feel like your own Valentine on 14th February. Valentine's Day (if we have to celebrate it!) should be a day of showing those you care about that you love them, I mean we believe you should do that everyday but whatever!

This drop is filled with amazing chain tops, bras & sets. Gorgeous new styles of designer Showgirl Shirts as well as some amazing jewellery stacks. We all need to get better at treating ourselves the way we treat our loved ones. 

Here is Emily's top three things for making yourself your valentine this year...

1. Put on something that makes you feel great... for me it's my crystal blaze set! Which is why i wore it for my 30th birthday

2. Do something you love. I absolutely love dancing, something about it makes me feel so free, so i will be dancing this valentine's whether at home or out.

3. Surround yourself with love. Whether it's your family, your friends or strangers snogging on the street. Love is beautiful just absorb it!

The above could be your idea of hell and that's fine, find what makes you feel sexy, powerful and loved and so that this February. It's about love not teddy bears and flowers! 

Have a February as nice as your butt!


Emily xoxo