Growing up we were surrounded by strong women who backed themselves & more importantly taught us to believe in our power & celebrate what makes us unique. We are two sisters (& a family behind us) that believe that our differences are our super power & that feeling incredible allows you to do incredible things. 

Our mum is our biggest inspiration, growing up her motto was essentially “you could make that” or “I have that”, we grew up raiding her wardrobe or the fabric shops of Brick Lane with Beigel in hand. Little did she know that this would frame our entire approach not just to fashion but to life. We think it’s high time everyone else learnt the secrets she showed us. 

We believe in recycling, reusing, rewearing, and inspiring everyone to have the confidence & the knowledge  to celebrate their uniqueness & wear what the fuck they want! Whether it’s giving old treasure new life, celebrating the long lasting craftsmanship of vintage or creating the vintage of the future. 

We are the place for unique statement pieces that are:

RE - claimed
RE - worked
RE - discovered.

Welcome to the family. It’s pretty great.


Sacred Hawk