Does shopping for denim bring you out in a cold sweat? Don’t worry you are not the only one!

For years my go to Jean (to prevent this harrowing shopping trauma...(dramatic I know)) would be a vintage pair of Levi’s 501 in a size 33” waist (I am a 25” waist for a bit of perspective) this would mean they would fit right across my butt and legs. Then I would belt them super tight and ruffle the waistband. The beauty of this was that I felt comfortable everywhere but my waist, the chunky ruffle waistband would be uncomfortable but it was worth it to get the perfect fit. The other positive for me was that I was using denim in sizes that are more readily available and less likely to be sold on.

Going to rag yards and vintage wholesalers I would come across piles of vintage jeans no one wanted because they were larger sizes 36,38 and 40” waistbands thinking.... what can I do with these.

So I embarked on a little project to make myself the perfect vintage jeans and to never have to go denim shopping again!!!

The birth of the Salvation Jeans.

These jeans are specifically designed for women with a curvier butt/thigh situation and a smaller waist.