From Day 1, we have both wanted to make womxn feel great. It was at our first meeting that we wanted to empower womxn to know that fashion should be for them and should celebrate their bodies rather than shame them. 

We have been working in the background to align with that and this is how:

  • Use real women of all different shapes, ages and sizes to show our clothes.
  • Make clothes and jewellery that genuinely make people feel good. 
  • Be conscious about how we create our pieces to ensure we are reducing harm to the environment. 

We asked a couple of our models & customers how our clothes made them feel and we were blown away so we wanted to share that with you:

‘Organising the lives of 3 children under 5 doesn’t usually give me time to be creative with fashion or wear that something special however the pieces from Sacred Hawk do exactly that for me. They gave me the confidence to embrace my postpartum body and wear the pieces with pride.’

- Freyja


Wearing Sacred Hawk pieces honestly makes me excited about clothes again. Wearing these beautiful prints, fabrics and incredible chain bras not only gives me so much confidence but I feel so comfortable too.

- Sammi

So just remember. You absolutely can pull it off AND you are absolutely beautiful!