Those of you that have followed/worked with me over the years will know that I LOVE a ‘multi wear’ piece.

What is a multi-wear piece? I hear you ask….. well it is what it says on the tin.

An item that can be worn in multiple different ways. This isn’t about wearing it with jeans or a skirt as different looks but more about wearing the actual item in different forms.

Multi wear items are real hero pieces for me because it means you can have a really considered capsule wardrobe (better for the planet and also your bank balance) but within it so many ‘looks’.

Shirts for example are great ‘multi-wear’ items as they are so versatile, especially if you get a massive one.

Shirt - multi-wear ideas:

  • Tuck the collar in for a collarless blouse look.
  • Button the top 2 buttons and tuck the fabric into the back of your trousers for a crop top version.
  • Tie up as a halter via the sleeves
  • Tie up the front
  • Wear open as a duster for layering
  • Wear it as a dress and belt it
  • Button up and tucked in for a more tailored look
  • Fully unbuttoned and plunging whilst tucked into to something high waisted.
  • Worn back wards and tucking the collar in will leave you with a backless look

Another great go to for me are scarves.

Scarves are a great versatile piece regardless of size.

Smaller scarves work great as:

  • Hair ties
  • Bandanas
  • Face masks (non medical)Wrapped round your boot/converse
  • Tied to a bag etc

Larger scarves work great as tops, skirts or even dresses if you can get them large enough.

Probably my favourite and more well-known version of the multi wear is how I style large scarves. Piano shawls or large vintage shawls work great as the fringing allows for a bit more drama, where as belly dancing scarves work beautifully as tie up tops with their beautiful coin detailing and bead work.

Piano shawls/ Sarongs

  • Wrap as a skirt
  • Cross and tie at the neck as a halter dress
  • Tie at the bust as a bandeau dress
  • Use as a duster/cover up

If there is enough fabric your options really are limitless.
So have a play and show us your looks!

Have a day as nice as your butt!